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Our Pocket Armory adapters are now available for 22 Magnum!

We are glad to introduce our all new product, Pocket Armory !

How prepared will you be when ammo runs scarce?  Your gun is only useful for as long as your ammunition supply lasts.  And any spare ammo won't be good if you aren't carrying a gun that will fire it.  That's why we developed the Pocket Armory adapter system.   You'll never have to worry about whether you've got the right gun at hand. Six specially designed ammo adapters turn one 12 ga shotgun into a 10-gun arsenal at a fraction of the cost.


Small and portable, Pocket Armory adapters come in a sturdy and convenient canvas carry pouch that can be easily stored.  They are pistol-length and now made exclusively of stainless steel!

Each adapter comes fully rifled for deadly accuracy.  cutoutOur Extractor-Grip cutout feature allows for removal of spent shells while o-ring retention keeps the adapter in the chamber.

With the Pocket Armory system, you can shoot any of the following ten calibers from your 12 ga shotgun: 12ga, 20ga, 410 bore, 45 Colt, 44 Mag, 45 ACP, 38 Special, 357 Mag, 9mm, 22 Mag, and 22 LR.  It is the perfect solution for firepower versatility.



You'll never find another system quite like this one and at an affordable price.  Don't get caught unprepared, order your Pocket Armory system today!


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blackcapsBLACK-CAPS - The best snap caps available!

“Chamber-friendly” durable coating: Hard-anodized and Teflon coated surfaces resist scratches and embedded particles.

Replaceable striker protects firing pin - will not draw moisture!


  • Hard black anodized for durability.
  • Durable, shock-absorbing striker.
  • Red and black color scheme adds to gun safety- won't be confused with live ammo!
  • “Chamber-friendly” Teflon coated.
  • Lifetime warranty - The BEST Snap-Caps available!
  • “Dry-fire” without damage to your firing pins.
  • Release trigger tension when storing guns.


capslineOur Black-caps snap caps are made with quality to last a lifetime. Guaranteed! They're even specially-coated with Teflon to protect from damaging the chamber. Safe to use over and over again! Perfect as a training tool for trigger control or for loading and unloading drills.


Available Sizes


Rifles Pistols

10 Ga

12 Ga

16 Ga

20 Ga

28 Ga


.204 Ruger

.22-250 Remington

.223 Remington

.243 Winchester

.25-06 Remington

.270 Winchester

.270 Winchester Short Magnum

.30 Carbine

.30-30 Winchester

.30-06 Springfield

.300 Winchester Short Magnum

.300 Winchester Magnum

.303 British

.308 Winchester

.338 Winchester Magnum

.375 H&H Magnum

.44-40 Winchester

.45-70 Government

7mm Remington Magnum


9mm Luger

.32 Auto

.357 Magnum

.380 Auto

.38 Special

.40 Smith & Wesson

.44 Remington Magnum

.45 Colt

.45 Auto


New sizes added everyday! If you don't see the size you want, feel free to leave us a message at our contact us page or call us at 1-800-709-9910.

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We are proud to announce our new line of sub-gauge adapters, Gaugemate Cartridge !  Now you can get the same great quality you'd expect from a shotgun to shotgun GaugeMate Gold adapter in shotgun to rifle, shotgun to pistol, and rifle to pistol sizes.  Discounted pricing available for multiple orders.  Get yours today!  And remember, we add new sizes everyday and you are always welcome to ask for a custom adapter you can't find using our Contact Us  form.


GaugeMate Cartridge Available sizes:
FOR 12ga GUN FOR 16ga GUN FOR 20ga GUN FOR 28ga GUN
12-.45 auto 16-.45 auto 20-.357/.38 spc 28-.22* LR
12-.44 mag 16-.44 mag 20-9 mm  
12-.357/.38 spc 16-.357/.38 spc 20-.22* LR  
12-9mm 16-9 mm   FOR .410 GUN 
12-.22* LR 16-.22* LR   .410-.22* LR


*With conversions that use rimfire casings, we recommend to insert the converter and rotate it so that the inner barrel is at the top or bottom. Take note of this position as it will mean you are always shooting high or low.

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