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GaugeMate Flare

  • Are flare to live round adapters legal to own and use?

    Flare pistols are not mean to be used as a weapon.  However, any modification of a flare gun to shoot live rounds, including combining it with a flare gun insert constitutes a title 1 Firearm.  This means it must be treated as such in terms of safety, legality, possession and ownership.  Regardless of firearm classification, always treat your flare gun insert as a loaded firearm and follow basic safety protocol.  Never store your insert loaded; only load when you are ready to fire.  Do not dry fire, as it may deform the chamber of the barrel.

    GaugeMate advises you to know your local laws and limitations before you plan on purchasing these or any other items.

    To read the BATF letter, cilck here.

  • Can I use your Flare adapter to convert a plastic flaregun?

    No, flare adapters are not meant to be used in single-use plastic flare guns.  Firing live rounds in a plastic flare gun may result in destruction of your flare launch and can cause fatal injury.

    To read the press release on Flare Inserts by the ATF, click here.

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