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rangemateThe RangeMate™ Optics Mount gives you the same functionality as a tripod, but with a whole lot more flexibility and assurances that your equipment will never get damaged again due to accidental “tip-over”.

RangeMate is great for birding, spotting at the range, cameras and photography, and rangefinding (especially when ranging on a small, distant target when you need to to have stability for the laser crosshairs).

RangeMate™ is the solution!

When is an Optics Mount better than a tripod ?

When it's not a tripod !

RangeMate mounts anywhere...

rangemate2      henry the range                   ...on a car window

cameras     case

         ...great for cameras carrying case included !


  • Standard ¼ - 20 threaded head fits cameras, scopes, etc.
  • Clamping collar securely locks ball swivel while allowing fine adjustment.
  • Unique 3-point clamping is ideal for stability.
  • Cushioned clamp isolates vibrations.
  • Fully adjustable height provides a comfortable view from any position.
  • Durable corrosion resistant materials stand up to harsh conditions.


RangeMate Accessories

laser     binoculars

Laser Range Finder Adapter         Binocular Adapter Mount   

(range finder not included)          (binoculars not included)

rangefinderadapter     binocularadapter

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