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Reports received from our customers have universally praised the patterns produced by both GaugeMate Gold and GaugeMate Silver adapters. We decided to pattern some of the combinations tested by Sherman Bell. The paper used is 4’ square with a 30” circle and an orange dot in the center. All patterns were fired from a benchrest at 30-yards. The front bead was placed at 6 o’clock to the orange dot with just a very small portion of the rib showing. By taking this overall approach, we hoped to demonstrate not just how well the loads pattern but also that there is no shift in point-of-impact.

Patterning Test Results

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The idea of launching a 28-g load down a 12-g barrel and getting acceptable performance is a vexing notion. For rifle shooters, it’s akin to using .25-06 ammunition in a .30-06. Potential customers first questions always focus on performance – Velocity and patterning. GaugeMate staff did our own Velocity testing using an Oehler 35P chronograph so we could respond to client’s questions. Initially, we were very uncomfortable with the numbers as they were higher than nominal factory Velocity listings. As we had a “dog-in-the-fight”, we decided to hire the services of a recognized expert.

For those who read THE DOUBLE GUN & SINGLE SHOT JOURNAL (arguably the premiere gun magazine in America), the work of Sherman Bell and Tom Armbrust with break-action guns is well known. Bell and Armbrust have had their excellent work published extensively. So we asked Bell to give our adapters a complete review. Click this link, BallisticsTests.pdf, to download his report.

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