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Pocket Sportsman Single Adapters for Pump Shotguns

Loading Pump Shotgun
Loading Pump Shotgun
$-5.00$49.99 each

  • Transform your 12 ga shotgun for emergencies when ammo is scarce
  • Choose from 8 chamber-length (2-3/4") adapters: 12ga to 20ga (smooth bore), 410 bore/45 Colt (smooth bore), 45 ACP (rifled), 45 Colt (rifled), 40 S&W (rifled), 38 Special/357 Mag (rifled), 9mm (rifled) and 22LR (rifled)
  • Extractor-grip cutout allows for easy removal of spent shells
  • O-rings retain the adapter in the chamber of the gun (includes spare o-rings)
  • Qualty made in the USA, made exclusively in stainless steel

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