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GaugeMate Gold Product Review

National Wild Turkey Federation Review
National Wild Turkey Federation Review
National Wild Turkey Federation Review
GaugeMate Gold Sub-Gauge Adaptor

I love customizing equipment to meet multiple needs. For example, I would much rather buy a new barrel to convert a turkey gun into something suited for dove hunting than buy a new gun. Maybe that's why I enjoy using GaugeMate Gold Sub-Gauge Adaptors, which converted my over/under from a 12-gauge to a 20-gauge. These adaptors are cool, practical and can save you some coin.

Increased Flexibility

Sub-gauge adapters are popular among competitive sporting clays shooters because the adapters allow them to use 12-gauge shotguns to compete in sub-gauge competitions. During the NWTF Turkey Shoot sporting clays competition in mid-August I met many amazingly good shooters who relied on sub-gauge inserts. Since the adapters pass the test of competitive shooters who fire 10,000 rounds each year, I was excited to give them a try.

Sub-gauge adapters work by allowing a shotgun to shoot a smaller gauge shell than its chamber is built to hold. The adapter fits inside the chamber of a shotgun and mimics the shape of the shell the gun was designed to fire, while the inside of the adapter mimics the chamber of the smaller gauge.

GaugeMate Gold adapters are specifically designed to remain inside the gun when is the action is open so only the spent hull is extracted. This makes for quicker reloads. With the right GaugeMate Gold adapters you can convert your 12-gauge to a 20-gauge, 16-gauge, 28-gauge and .410 bore. This video shows the adapters in action, allowing a shooter to fire four gauges from the same shotgun in less than one minute.

Easy to Use

From a functionality standpoint, GaugeMate Gold adpaters are a breeze to use. They take just a few seconds to install. Simply apply a thin layer of grease to the adapters and then pop them in the chambers. GaugeMate performed extensive pattern board tests, and shotguns pattern just as well shooting with an adapter as they do shooting their original gauge.

Removing the shells is a snap when using quality ammo, though a few hulls briefly stuck on inexpensive ammo. The only other drawback is the adapters only work in break-action shotguns, which leaves pump and auto-loading shotguns out in the cold.

Reduced Recoil

The most important thing I noticed was a difference in recoil. After shooting 12-gauge shells all morning, my shoulder wrote me a very nice thank you note once I switched to 20-gauge. Not only was the recoil much less, but I never felt like I missed a clay because I was shooting a smaller gauge. This is where GaugeMate can really help everyday shooters.

Whenever a new person is introduced to shooting, whether they are a man, woman or child, recoil plays a factor in how much they enjoy their first experience. If a new shooter is overwhelmed by recoil, they are much less likely to come back for seconds. However, if you can reduce the gauge in a shotgun to ease someone into shooting, you may increase the odds of giving that new shooter a positive experience that makes them want to shoot again.

I am impressed with GaugeMate Golds and I am happy to have the added flexibility - and savings - that these adapters provide.

- Josh Fleming
NWTF Public Relations Manager

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